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See How Our Unique Approach Called
Relative SpaceSM

  • Behavior vs. Obedience

    Understanding how obedience affects your dog’s decision making process is important to accomplishing the goal of owning a well adjusted canine companion. Swiftdogz Proprietary Process, Technical Behavior, conditions your dog to accept new situations; eliminating stress, fear and excitement.

  • Full Service Grooming

    We specialize in working to maintain the investment of time and emotion you put into your dog’s behavioral skills. Our unique system, called Progressive Grooming, applies the skills of Technical Behavior during the grooming process. As a result, your dog will willingly accept the entire grooming process and enjoy the experience.

  • Stress Free Boarding

    At Swiftdogz, your dog is our FOCUS. We offer boarding in a quiet and behavior sustainable environment. While other facilities focus on volume, we strive to maintain a consistent, controlled environment conducive to sustaining or improving your dogs’ behavior and perception.

  • Trust Building

    At Swiftdogz, your dog will learn the importance of accepting new situations without interdependence. Through the process of conditioning Relative SpaceSM, your dog will learn to accept new situations with ease, and ultimately trust elements that are out of his control; on his own, without you, the human, being in the equation.

  • Fear & Excitement

    Is your dog fearful? Over friendly? Excited to see new people or other dogs? We believe that emotions can be the root cause of unnecessary stress and misunderstanding. Our Relative SpaceSM process reduces excitability in new situations and creates a perceptional safe environment in your dogs’ eyes.

  • Therapy & Service

    Ever see a dog walk into a tense room and suddenly change the entire feel of the people inside? We respect the key differences between Medical Service Dogs (which serve the disabled) and the Therapy Dogs that bring comfort and joy to others. The journey of pursuing the level of behavior to accomplish this goal is a great way to learn and apply Technical Behavior.



Traditional Dog Training Services focus on teaching obedience commands. At Swiftdogz, we take a different approach. We believe that dogs are capable of making the right decision without being told what to do; without being micro managed. In fact, all dogs can learn to make good decisions in any situation – by themselves! 

The best part is, you do not even need to be anywhere near your dog to reap the rewards of this innovative approach!  Read More