Using similar methods to the ones we use to train service dogs and therapy dogs, we will train your dog to evaluate and manage their environment by reducing levels of stress, anxiety or fear. Your dog will be empowered to think independently and make better decisions in any environment or situation.

Unlike traditional training programs that focus on obedience commands, Swiftdogz takes a different approach and focuses on helping your dog evaluate their situation and interact appropriately based on mutual respect and personal space.

Swiftdogz Relative Space MethodologySM has been proven to help dogs break undesirable habits and teach them how to enter new situations and behave appropriately, without your intervention.

You will enjoy a sense of confidence and pride in being able to take your dog anywhere and know they will behave in a way that is pleasing to those around you.

Your dog loves you and wants to make you happy and proud. They just need the training and support to help them be successful.

Comprehensive Services to Care For Your Dog

Relative Space

Every dog and family is unique in their needs.  Every dog receives a unique Technical Action Plan that is designed to help them break their specific undesirable habits and to accept new situations; eliminating stress, fear and frustration.

Full Service Grooming

We specialize in working to maintain the investment of time and emotion you put into your dog’s behavioral skills. As a result, your dog will willingly accept the entire grooming process and enjoy the experience.

A Comprehensive Approach

At Swiftdogz, our complete methodology is offered during the day or with overnight care, in a quiet and behavior-sustainable environment. While other facilities focus on volume, we strive to maintain a consistent, controlled environment conducive to sustaining or improving your dog’s behavior and perception of safe space. Aimed at providing the ideal balance of owner involved and owner-absence sessions our approach helps dogs of all ages become a contributing member of the family.