At Swiftdogz, we work to enhance the quality of life for canines and their human companions through a unique process called Relative Space ®. Our approach, based on the theory of Relative Space, helps dogs feel safe in any environment. The result transforms your dogs natural decision making process into sustainably calmer behavior patterns in every environment.

Through the process of Relative Space ®, your dog learns not only to think independently, but apply their decisions to environmental stimuli, which would otherwise lead to patterns of reactivity and stress. We condition your dog’s perception in each of four quadrants, helping both human and canine learn and apply the tools necessary to accomplish their goals. The benefit ofRelative Space ®, is that you will begin to see the trends in your dog’s behavior patterns and respond, well before these patterns become problematic.

When engaged in Relative Space ®, Swiftdogz clients have sustainable behavior in nearly every environment you can imagine. The proactive approach contained within the theory of Relative Space maintains your dog’s perception for a sustainable, more noticeable result.