Our Team specializes in helping you understand, and successfully apply the simple process of Relative Space. Canine behavior can be complex – but Relative Space gets right to the simple joy of a dog-human relationship. Relative Space brings your dog’s day-to-day behavior into line with your life. Our team’s passion and dedication ensure you and your canine companion reap the benefits of implementing this philosophy into your daily lives. Our mission, to enhance quality of life for humans and their canine companions through Technical Behavior is a driving force behind our service to you. Our team includes:

Jenni Lough-Watson – President

Staff-Jenni-213x300Your dog will be happier, calmer and better behaved when you entrust it to Jenni Lough Watson at Swiftdogz.

Based on more than 20 years in the industry, Jenni has developed a unique system for conditioning dogs to think and act independently. Her system goes beyond obedience – way beyond – to the realm of independent behavior. Dogs that Jenni trains are better companions, valuable workers and better friends.

Beginning her award winning career at the youthful age of 12, Jenni loves the challenge of helping a dog co exist in a human focused society. Not only has she improved family relationships for domestic pets, but she has rescued dogs that most people considered impossible to manage.

Her efforts of rebuilding wayward dogs have been described by some as nothing short of miraculous. Time and time again, people in the industry turn to Jenni when they have an “impossible” case; and every time she knows just what it takes to make an otherwise misunderstood dog into a caring, insightful companion. The results of training with Jenni are notably consistent and sustainable — with or without continuous human involvement.